Where am I? " In fact, she was named after the brilliant red shade of her hair. Dec 31, 2011 #17 She became the last and final reincarnation of Akari Uchiha, the infamous assassin kunoichi and a prodigy of the Uchiha clan, user of the katana; Shadowsteel. Son of Mia Uzumaki and Raido X, he comes from prestigious blood. Either you die at the end of a short, but brilliant life. Being in the Uzumaki clan, he had the natural ability to be able to sense peoples chakra. 3.3K likes. A verdadeira força de um shinobi de konoha nasce na vontade de fogo que arde em cada um de nós. Real FanFiction > MercenaryGrax (Merc) > The Rise of Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze. :D. Are you a real Narutarded? Yuna The Legendary Anti-Sakuratard. The clan’s presence in the country is minimal, as they tend to stray from civilization, choosing to live in remote areas, where prying eyes cannot gaze upon their secretive way of life. He also saved another unexpected person while retracing his steps. Follow. We don’t specifically know who, it was stated that some of the worlds nations banded together to destroy them because they deemed them too powerful to continue on. abiiibabejpeg. vessel of the Eight-Tailed Beast. Hokage Clan, Lisboa. Shenron Uzumaki (神龍うずまき, Uzumaki Shenron) also known as Shenron Uchiha (神龍リュン, Uchiha Shenron) is a shinobi hailing from the Uzushiogakure's Uzumaki Clan and Uchiha Clan. The Akuma are rumored to be masters of Senjutsu as well as possessing a bloodline tainted by demonic blood. Uzumaki Clan? Descubre (y guarda) tus propios Pines en Pinterest. BE THE WILL Follow. Naruto Uzumaki (うずまきナルト, Uzumaki Naruto) is a Shinobi of Konohagakure, a member of the Uzumaki Clan and a descendant of the Senju Clan ever since throughout his life he became the jinchuuriki of the Nine-Tails an event that barely caused him to be scolded by the civilians but was well respected in Konoha due to being the son of the Fourth. Name:Akane Uzumaki Nick Name:RNG (Redheaded Ninja Girl) Age:19 Gender: Female Clan: Technically Uzumaki Bloodline: N/A Origin: The middle of the ocean Village: Moon Village Appearance: Akane is a pretty, young woman with bright red hair. There skill with fuinjutsu (sealing jutsu) earned them fear and respect. #uzumaki clan. The Uzumaki Clan is the clan of the Rikudou Sennin. As such stumbling across an Akuma is a rare sight. Is there some people there think Naruto Uzumaki is real? At first hated and feared by almost all the villagers of Konoha, Naruto Uzumaki will slowly evolve into the undisputed hero of the village. Chiyo. 1 2 3. A Special Flower. The Uzumaki, being descendants of Asura Ōtsutsuki, also shared distant blood relation with the Senju clan. Through the years, the Uzumaki and Senju kept close ties, with members at times marrying between clans, as with Hashirama Senju and Mito Uzumaki. Asked by Wiki User. Are you a real Narutarded? only survivor of the Uzumaki clan with the exception of Naruto. Apr 29, 2019 - Explore Eliza A's board "Kushina Senpai (∪ ∪)" on Pinterest. One of my old artworks. "Um, yeah. The Uzumaki clan was attacked by the joint forces of Lightening Country, Hidden Mist Village of The Water Country, 2011-07-15 17:52:02 2011-07-15 17:52:02. He can't be that if he's an Uzumaki. View and download this 1200x700 Uzumaki Clan image with 87 favorites, or browse the gallery. May 17, 2019 - Explore Jatara's board "Naruto Uzumaki" on Pinterest. # uzumaki-clan Follow. In this world, the Uzumaki are a shinobi clan known for their red hair, eccentric nature, water and wind affinities, and fuuinjutsu expertise. A mysterious man who has watched Naruto his entire life soon takes an interest in Naruto and is placed as the assistant Jonin instructor to Naruto and his team. Send me asks about my works! The Uzumaki clan was a famous clan in Uzushiogakure. Think about it, they're known for their sealing jutsu and sealing Bijuu into themselves. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Sacrificing … 06-may-2017 - Tushar Shukla descrubrió este Pin. What would happen when Naruto found the power that comes with the bloodline? Thor Banned. How will both of their lives change by the decisions that they both make? Top Answer. The only reason he couldnt before is that he didnt know how to. Eight Trigrams Sealing Style. Dec 31, 2011 ... scots = real world's uzumaki clan they even got the tailed beast in the lake . Uzumaki Sealing Technique. By KidRockFangirl99 Ongoing - Updated Nov 11, 2017 ... What if the Namikaze clan had a special bloodline trait. sheikshinenosabaku17. They were the direct descendant of the Sage of Six Paths, with their branch clan Senju, who used to be the same clan in the past. ... How would his life change from then on? In one world, the Pirios are a clan of elves known for their red hair and grey eyes, affable nature, affinity to fire, and their love to fight. The man answered the question in cool tone. "Uzumaki Clan Village." #mine #fanfic #naruto fanfic #uzumaki clan #writing #wmmap fanfic #wmmap oc #wmmap. Four Symbols Seal. Uzumaki Karin. She was the loving mother of Uzumaki Naruto, and the wife of Namikaze Minato. Wiki User Answered . How would things be if Naruto knew who his parents were from a young age? So im kinda confused with this whole clan thing and who's related to who. Killer Bee. To Know the Real Uzumaki Naruto 39.7K Reads 987 Votes 4 Part Story. callmekaza. Anyone else think a movie about the end of the Uzumaki Clan would be pretty cool? Chapter 8: Uzumaki clan! Naruto asked the man, while pretending not to know the name of the village since he sensed that man`s chakra and power is elite jounin. If you don't like fluff… then you fail at life… but more importantly, you won't like this chapter so much… although I do recommend reading it… for plotlines sake… Naruto's New Life. Uzumaki Kushina(うずまきクシナ) was a famous Konohagakure kunoichi who originated from Uzushuiogskure's Uzumakiclan. Kids believe anything. She was the second Jinchuriki of Kurama, the Nine Tailed Demon Fox, and her best friend was Uchiha Mikoto. Or you die weakened and harried by years of fall. Naruto Uzumaki is a hyper-active ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village and a member of Team 7, son of the Fourth Hokage and Kushina Uzumaki. See more ideas about naruto uzumaki, naruto, naruto characters. Riku Uzumaki (うずまき俐空 Uzumaki Riku) is a kunoichi of Konohagakure. Follow. But before he let go of his last breath, he once again regained the will of fire. Oct 24, 2015 - Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Answer all you can and enjoy! Since Rikudo Sennin(The Sage of Six Paths) had two sons which later on formed the Senju clan and the Uchiha clan, and the Uzumaki clan is pretty much Distant relatives of the Senju clan. Does that make the First&Second Hokage, Madara, Izuna, Tsunade, Negato, Itachi, Sasuke, Karin and Naruto related in … [b:y3spr9m7]***Completed Story***[/b:y3spr9m7] Pairing: Naruto Uzumaki x Tayuya Universe: Naruto Rating: M Author: MrApathy Description: Naruto completed the mission and was successfully brought back Sasuke Uchiha. ... exchange her own life for Gaara's life/Sasori's grandmother. His life, and Tsunade's words, give us a good idea of the life of Shinobi. Uzumaki Shou is a textbook example of Uzumaki crazy. 50% discount and free delivery during the … This is Uzumaki Kushina, Naruto's mother. This is a list of Japanese clans.The old clans (Gōzoku) mentioned in the Nihon Shoki and Kojiki lost their political power before the Heian Period, during which new aristocracies and families, Kuge, emerged in their place.After the Heian Period, the warrior clans (Samurai) gradually increased in importance and power until they came to dominate the country. Nah Roshi's goal in life is too be an awesome lone ranger like a certain turtle hermit. Answer all you can and enjoy! See more ideas about Anime naruto, Naruto uzumaki, Naruto characters. Answer. He appeared at the training ground and found Konohamaru making a rasengan, a rasengan bigger than a normal one. They are the only red haired people as far as I know and they are directly from Senju but we know not a lot about them besides they just poofed after the war and have a very strong life force and chakra pools. The blonde Uzumaki calmed himself first for he is dealing with a stranger and shinobi considering the period he is in. Book 2: new beginnings. Naruto Uzumaki (Japanese: うずまき ナルト, Hepburn: Uzumaki Naruto) (/ ˈ n ɑː r ə t oʊ /) is a fictional character in the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.Serving as the eponymous protagonist of the series, he is a young ninja from the fictional village of Konohagakure (Hidden Leaf Village). Enter!