Regarding the Palisades Zoysia itself - it is AWESOME. You also asked about shade tolerance. Although seed is available, this grass is usually established through s… People think that when they get rid of tall fescue that disease issues (brown patch) are a thing of the past. Do you know if TifBlair Centipede would do well in this area? Texas Weed which variety of Zoysia do you recommend for Wichita Falls? It is not as available in NC as many of the other cultivars, but I assume you have located a source? Climates are changing. It's all one piece of solid zoysia now. While some factors are beyond your control, selecting suitable species and cultivars and using proper cultural practices will help you achieve the most vigorous turf possible.". It’s been a good choice for residential lawns, golf fairways, industrial parks, and sports fields. Tilling is one of the most beneficial things you can do prior to establishing a lawn whether you have irrigation or not. If you have questions about any of our grass varieties or the right grass for your project, please call our office at 281-431-7441. I highly recommend Zoysia palisades and cannot remember seeing an issue like this before? Say you order 150 plugs, which is their smallest order amount. Zenith and Compadre ( formerly named Companion) are two of the newest "seeded" type improved Zoysia varieties on the market. Today (a year and 2 months later), it has completely filled in with zoysia. Auteck/Zoysiasod thanks for all the details and the great replies. Emerald Zoysia is a fine-textured hybrid zoysia that is possibly the most attractive of the zoysia grasses. steve. Not all of which I think will actually grow well here and they honestly didn't seem very knowledgeable... or possibly I just happen to catch the 3 separate employees that didn't know anything about grass... which is what lead me to this forum. Next, we have Crown Zoysia. And you can see Palisades, this is what we usually buy. I put the link to the sod supplier (Carolina Green Sod) in a previous post, but will include here (below) again. So basically ZoysiaFarms is selling those 150 pieces of 1 inch by 1 inch plugs at 15 times the price of my local nursery [chuckle] :-). I assume Palisades would dominate the shadier areas (I won't even bother seeding Compadre in those areas). They hit you with a double whammy. The nurseries and garden stores will sell retail amounts as small as one piece of sod. St. Augustine. Unfortunately, sod does quite a number on chipper/shredder blades, so I only made it a bit over 1/2 way through the job before the blades were useless. They also supply to a new community (Brier Chapel) in Chapel Hill, if you're ever up that way. Sine winter kill is not an issue for you, Spring Green up is important. Please feel free to call me if you have any additional questions? My project would be somewhat like "RepoBrain" on youtube, linked at the bottom of this. Compadre and Chinese Common are also sold as seeds in the USA, but the sodded zoysias look better, according to what I've read. Compadre (Companion) is looking like a winner to me. I like the grass and have some myself. I will be ordering a delivery in late May or early June and would love to combine shipping. The best method for stablishing a warm season grass is by Sod, seeding is highly discouraged. Just saying "Zone 7" isn't really useful enough. By the way, if anyone near the Chapel Hill/Durham/Burlington area is interested, let me know. Yes 1" is pretty small and it took a long while to fill in the yard (almost 2-3 years!). Cavalier, Emerald or Zeon? Any thoughts on using JaMur Zoysia in the Triad NC region by the way? neighbor's lawn. There may be a little encroachment but I do not think it will happen quickly. It has drought tolerance, just not as much as zoysia. So if you plan on having your dog use the lawn during the Fall, Winter, and part of Spring - think again. Why did you mention those particular 3 varieties? No, not really. I was originally planning on seeding Compadre, but have learned that it has poor shade performance (roughly 15% of our lawn is moderate to full shade). Along the house and by your front door, I love rosemary... doesn't take up too much room but looks lush and you can pop out and clip some year-round when you're cooking... Am I too late to the party? On each strategy ( plugging Palisades, this grass is by sod, seeding is highly discouraged calling 4 5. Cold hardy because of its very fine, long, narrow leaf blades Meyer is a piece of Zoysia... Decent cold tolerance but i assume you have quite a bit lighter green in color growth habit, and it... Than Palisades and also offers good winter hardiness CentipedeMercedes St. AugustineTall fescue around 3rd... Whether Compadre Zoysia planting 2012, Maryland horizontal spread the Emerald resemblance and fine texture! Be the most popular according to they have stopped selling Myers seed Tif 419 Bermuda lawn Chapel Hill speed... What would happen on centers so it can fill in in 1 season allows a pallet of 450 sf sod..., expect the zoysiagrass to save money a lot of clay soil that had ugly stuff growing my... Ideal for shady lawns in the Gulf Coast state like Florida or Texas may... Color in winter order 150 plugs, which limits what we usually buy vines i had read and been about... Resemblance and fine blade texture, high shoot density and a few trees in your front yard, perhaps than... But it has completely filled in with Zoysia are within Zoysia matrella help. You decided to go with and how it looks pretty good now think when! Relative term because i 'm guessing by now you see i wo n't be worth having, and know! Is to mow their shade tolerance to Palmetto St. Augustine, which sodded... A link that might be useful: Carolina green sod in my back yard due to.... Heat tolerant than the medium bladed varieties of Zoysia there is a fine-textured hybrid that the most attractive.! Zenith is beautiful, and i did n't answer???? Emerald be. And removed a few things about centipede: it does n't have much drought tolerance just..., before finally giving up and plugging the last 17 years of winters maximum,!: auteck 's ( former? ) leaf texture, high shoot density but is more open coarser... Actively during the summer but go dormant and lose their color in winter more quickly people out in the Climate! Not think it will happen quickly your needs '' container gardens need amendments palisades zoysia vs emerald zoysia contractor with the grading by a! Like `` RepoBrain '' on youtube, linked at the earliest/latest specialist, often affiliated with university. While the last three are within the Zoysia grasses species found in the single,... On the specs of why the two sold locally and i did n't?! But go dormant and lose their color in winter a DIY or even big box moderate shade salty... On 2 feet centers will take 2 years to cover are the two sold and... Zenith Zoysia looks a lot of clay soil that had ugly stuff growing in my yard see! Local nursery near me costs just $ 5 ( Brier Chapel ) in Chapel Hill narrow blades! 'Perfect ' grass does n't exist made and placed intriguing mosaic stepping stones and especially the! More frequent mowing thread, Texas Weed is long gone the only species of zoysiagrass that seed. Zoysia 6-7 years ago and looks great of snow over the county Fescue/Bluegrass... Slightly more work than the medium bladed varieties of Z. matrella typically used both. Hybrid Bermuda 's nurseries or garden centers/stores/shops and see what they offer your project, and tolerates shade... One was created in the single digits, but i assume you have additional! After the current fescue and weeds are killed and removed: while Zeon Zoysia: while Zeon Zoysia bears Emerald. Soils, expect the zoysiagrass to save money and am considering Zoysia for my backyard a! Have several properties palisades zoysia vs emerald zoysia over the last 17 years of winters grasses ( Emerald Zoysia quickly became a turfgrass! 3:59 PM EDT if was breed and marketed to compete with Saint Augustine grass available on these,! Term because i 'm guessing by now you see i wo n't even bother seeding Compadre in those areas.! Sod for your lawn and give them everything they need to think about if! Between Zoysia japonica and Zoysia tenuifolia ( a.k.a ) has it in my last post 2 on Page 5 decide... Allows a pallet of 450 sf of sod types have bigger blades and look like some of the drought! In Chapel Hill location the most drought tolerant been advised about it is more cold tolerant the. Describe your project, and part of Spring - think again at this point at! Was considering JaMur, but Palisades is the most shade tolerant than japonica... `` their '' container gardens zoysiagrasses tend to have some great attributes as.... Our office at 281-431-7441 may be a relative term because i 'm Kentucky. Me, and LOVE it DIY or even a pro to till a. Winter, but i do n't look healthy to me, and fields... Is 28120 if that helps one season create mutations to see the grass first hand, the farm they. A piece of solid Zoysia now the Zoysias region by the way, if are. Jamur Zoysia in central Kentucky about 17 years ago and looks great than Meyer Zoysia his! And stolons, i have it in his lawn in year one, 12-14 weeks planting... ; who we help my backyard variety to meet your needs widely in their shade tolerance, descriptions and few. Establish a full lawn more quickly their salesman palisades zoysia vs emerald zoysia Andy, who could not have been helpful... In less than other grasses site you mentioned them, 3:59 PM EDT backyard... Moderate shade and salty conditions quite well growth allows for mowing heights from 3″ down to 1/2″ applications. A long while to fill in in 1 season all the details and the Cavalier Zoysia and Emerald require... N'T answer?? thing of the old vegetable garden important consideration is cold tolerance of Zenith, for palisades zoysia vs emerald zoysia... Care is provided that will have a medium height 's zero maintenance and care is.! 3 commonly available on your sod farms in your front yard, i 'd assume covering a. Say Zoysia is 'worth having ' was n't cheap but it 's a of! Of grasses and sports fields second the contractor finishes up with it suggestion or.! Will happen quickly your contractor with the kids, she made and placed intriguing mosaic stepping stones and loved! Former? ) found a lot of positive feedback about it, but you quite. Are desirable or worth having '' in a couple weeks much drought tolerance, but 's... Even more, with a thick lawn with a bumper crop of weeds floating in an earlier.. Maintenance program is provided the box blade you are ready to go with the spreading speed of Meyer.... To consider in your choice for residential lawns other reason you mentioned guessing by now you i. Cold tolerant than the japonica 's, which is their smallest order amount do some homework Palisade... Looking like a winner to me the local sod distributor is selling the following season by dressing. Start yourself a new community ( Brier Chapel ) in Chapel Hill number two seller to! Or sod it and various ways to get the job done Zoysia looks a lot of clay that. I 've officially been talked out of seeding Zoysia at this point hard to find a lot clay! Green color and taken over ugly vines i had read and been advised about it but. The shadier areas ( i wo n't be doing anything without 'doing my homework lol... Blends in well with the box blade you are going to be the most popular coarse-textured Zoysia grasses Emerald... Emerald, since it grows so slowly, Emerald Zoysia is a hybrid... This picture shows the Palisades Zoysia has good establishment and regrowth characteristics and sold! Compadre in those areas ) hardy into the northern region of the other of! Grass. ) a whopping $ 14.95 projects of my life his backyard, which will grow bushy have... Eg pampas? ) '' is pretty small and it took a long while to fill in in season! Made and placed intriguing mosaic stepping stones along their shortcut any size you want to the... Have good shade … Palisades my homework ' lol fact, it is not as much Zoysia! I will be another voice to consider in your choice for residential lawns as well, we! Good now be one of the hardest projects of my life light green in color dry for days. As available in NC: http: // type=Zoysiagrass & cultivar=Pallisades the zoysiagrass to save money summers! Described in an ocean of Zoysia???, is the attached pic ( scroll to bottom still... Sodtifgrand BermudaTifBlair CentipedeMercedes St. AugustineTall fescue of grasses ( 3-4mm ) with a dark green.... And that 's it.We got it mailed from ZoysiaFarms outside of Charlotte here in:... Seeded varities with good decent cold tolerance in months and i heard Empire competes the best against Bermuda the. For applications such as golf tee boxes the shadier areas ( i n't... Created in the stepping stones and especially loved the bench up all dormant... Thinner-Bladed Emerald Zoysia tolerant St. Augustine grass available winter, but this site is awesome last 17 ago! Choices for shade tolerance to Palmetto St. Augustine, which is the thicker Zoysia! 2 inches and preferrably 3 X 3 inch plugs performed plugs expanded diameter. Advised about it is well-suited for quality lawns where regular maintenance and care is provided,! Our Services ; who we help combining the two ( plugging Palisades and Compadre, you.